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Do Athlete Era mobile apps work offline?

Our mobile applications temporarily save content (drills, practice plans, etc.) to a users device after it has been viewed. This means you will need access to wifi or a cellular signal when first browsing content, but once it has been viewed, you will be able to open it again even if you are offline.

What mobile devices support Athlete Era mobile apps?

Our mobile applications require users to have a smartphone or tablet capable of running iOS 11.0 or Android 7.0 software. This typically requires an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google, or any other Android device that was released in 2016 or later. If you are purchasing a device for the sole purpose of utilizing one of our mobile applications, please double check that that device supports the most recent iOS or Android software.

For a full list of compatible devices, please visit:

How many mobile app users can Athlete Era support?

The backend for all of our mobile applications is supported using a cloud-based infrastructure. This makes it simple for us to support our client mobile applications whether they are being used by 1,000 or 500,000 coaches and parents.

How does Athlete Era control who can access their mobile apps and then content contained within them?

Access to all client mobile apps and content is gated behind a log in screen. This means coaches using the mobile application must be registered members of your organization. If you currently have an online member registration system and database, we can create a log in API integration before releasing the app. If you do not, we will use the Athlete Era mobile member registration system in order to better control who can access your content within the mobile app.

What software components make up the Athlete Era platform?

Our mobile learning platform uses small components from several different types of software systems and combines them in a way that is optimized specifically for sports organizations to digitally create, manage, publish, distribute, analyze and track the consumption of sport-specific educational information.

Our platform has some cross over with content creation software tools, content management databases and systems, learning management systems, and other mobile e-learning applications.

Can our organizations educational resources be shared outside of the mobile application?

We do not allow users to export content outside of the mobile app or create pdf documents so they can be printed. This helps maintain more secure access to our client’s resources while also ensuring coaches and parents are always viewing the most up-to-date information provided by their sport governing body or association.


If our sports organization works with Athlete Era, do we retain ownership over our content?

Yes, our clients retain sole ownership of all proprietary text and video-based educational resources (drills, practice plans, program curriculum, skill tutorials, rulebooks, and playbooks) that they add to or create within our content management software.

Does Athlete Era offer services or sponsorship opportunities for professional sports organizations?

Yes, we have worked with professional sports organizations community departments to improve and support their community engagement initiatives. How exactly we work with professional organizations and the associated cost depends on your current model and scale of community engagement.

If you currently have your own youth community sports programs that you operate and have support resources for that program, we can work with you to transition these resources into a mobile learning app.

If you have community partner organizations (associations, clubs or leagues) that you work with and support financially to improve their programs, we can work with you to create sponsorship opportunities to give your partners free access to one of our pre-existing mobile learning apps or sponsor the development of their own mobile learning app.

If you are looking to engage with Athlete Era as a mobile learning app sponsor, please email

What happens to our organizations content and mobile app if we do not renew our annual software or mobile app license?

All of your educational content will be exported from our content management software and returned to you in the same format in which it was originally provided to us in. This usually means a pdf document, spreadsheet or original video files. If you choose not to renew your custom mobile app licensing agreement, your organizations app will be removed from the App Store and Google Play. You will not receive the source code used to create your organizations custom-branded mobile app.

Do Athlete Era mobile learning apps allow organizations to offer engagement opportunities for their third-party corporate sponsors?

Yes, we offer a variety of ways for organizations to recognize current third-party sponsors within their mobile application or create new app-specific sponsorship opportunities. The exact way in which we do this will vary based on each organization so we formalize this type of engagement during our initial strategic planning.

Who owns the mobile learning app?

In regard to ownership over the mobile learning app once it is released, Athlete Era retains sole ownership of the source code which was used to create your organizations custom-branded mobile app. You retain sole ownership over your organizations content that is found within the mobile app.

Even though Athlete Era retains ownership over the source code, we agree with our clients upon what fundamental changes to app features or design require their approval before being released to users as we do recognize the mobile app is being marketed under the client’s brand.


Mobile App

Partner Mobile Apps All of our mobile apps are free for coaches and parents to download and use in a limited capacity. The cost or membership requirements to access full versions of a specific partner app varies between apps. We work directly with our partner organizations to implement a mobile app access strategy that best fits their needs and market. Information regarding how to obtain full access to one of our partner mobile apps can be found on that speicifc apps website. Custom Mobile App For Athlete Era to create and manage your organization’s custom-branded app using our software platform, our minimum annual fee starts at $10,000 USD/year.

Content Management Software

Our entry-level annual software license for an organization to utilize our content management software is $2,500 USD/year. This allows organizations to create and distribute content within a pre-existing mobile app. You are not required to also have a custom-branded app. Contact us for our full pricing options.

Professional Services

All of our additional professional services are billed at an hourly rate. Our rates vary between $40/hour - $80/hour depending on the specific service requested.


For large organizations (>10 full-time employees), we put together packages that combine our software licenses and professional services in a way that will best meet your needs. To have us put together a package for your organization, please contact us so we can schedule a discovery call.


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