Account Setup

How to create an account for your organization

Option 1: Select the "Sign Up" button on the top navigation bar on the Athlete Era website and submit the required information to begin your free trial. Option 2: Contact us directly at and request a free trial account for your organization. One of our client account representatives will contact you once your organization account has been created.

How to change the content headings and structure on my organization's account

In order to update your content categorization structure (age groups, drill categories,etc.), you must contact your Athlete Era account manager directly.

What is the difference between an organization account and user account?

An organization account refers to the entity that owns all content once it is created within the web portal. This is typically a sports association or governing body. A user account refers to a specific person who develops content on that organizations behalf by creating content within the organizations web portal account.


How to create a new skill

How to create a key performance indicator (KPI) for a skill

Adding coaching points to skills

Assigning tags to your skills and KPI's


How to create a new drill

1) Navigate to the main Drill page by tapping the drill button on the left sidebar. 2) Tap the "Create" button in the top right corner of the drill screen. 3) Complete all drill information, media and assign the appropriate drill tags. 4) Tap the "Save" button in the

Tips on assigning proper category tags to your drill

Guidelines and format for adding media to a drill

Adding a drill description, coaching points and variations

Sorting drills after they have been created

Editing, duplicating or deleting drills that have already been created


Defining a skill

Defining a drill

Defining a key performance indictor

Defining a plan

Progression embedded drills

Small-sided game embedded practice plans


How to begin creating a new practice plan

Setting up your practice plan structure

Assigning category tags to your practice plans

Creating, saving and using practice plan templates

Adding player/drill groups to sections of your practice plan

How to add drills to your practice plan sections.

Editing or deleting practice plans you have created


How to invite a new user to your organizations web portal account

How to register your user account once you have receivied an invitation email

Managing users on your organization account